In clinic feeding consultation / troubleshooting session / tongue tie assessment & feeding plan if required (up to 1 hour)


Following on from this the tongue tie procedure is



Follow up appointment in clinic (30 mins)



Feeding consultation / troubleshooting session / tongue tie assessment

& feeding plan if required


(up to 1 hour available within a 20 mile radius)

Following on from this, tongue tie procedure




Basic breast /bottle feeding assessment consultation (30 mins)




Manchester Lactation Consultants are experienced infant feeding specialists. It's our mission to turn you from feeling stressed out to super confident, with a happy, healthy little baby who's a joy to feed. We each use our 25+ years of clinical experience, along with a big helping of empathy and understanding to turn feeding into a time you both look forward to, creating memories you'll cherish forever.


We offer you and your baby a comfortable, private environment to discuss whatever challenges you're having. We'll never make you feel stupid or inadequate. Because you're not! Every baby is different and as we're well aware they don't come with instructions. We've helped hundreds of parents and babies and completed many relevant qualifications, so we've learned more on the way than any parent could ever hope to. We're here to help, not to judge. We'll support you in finding the right path forward for you and your baby.


At the consultation you can expect a thorough exploration of every aspect that could be affecting feeding, along with practical advice you can try out on the spot. Where necessary, we can quickly and easily perform a tongue tie procedure, which is at the root of many feeding challenges. We provide a comprehensive service including the assessment, diagnosis and treatment for babies presenting with both feeding problems and tongue-tie. Our bespoke approach means the care you and your baby receive is tailored to your individual needs and requirements. 

We can also offer a follow up appointment to review any feeding plan provided during your first consultation, offer further tips or refreshers on what will help you and check baby’s weight if required.

Our specialist areas include low milk supply, slow weight gain, latching problems, early babies, colic and reflux, formula feeding challenges, nipple shields, exclusive pumping, combination feeding, complex breastfeeding issues, oversupply, mastitis, thrush, blocked ducts, breast abscess & tongue tie.

Our tongue tie procedures are carried out at our CQC regulated clinic, based in Hale, Cheshire.

If you have any other questions please drop us a line and we'll be happy to help!