We pride ourselves on our customer feedback...

Ciara & Senan

'Thank you for your friendly and professional support, you really gave me the confidence to keep going.


I never dreamt I would feed my baby for this long'

Sara & Albert

'I can't believe the difference, feeding is now pain-free and i am enjoying feeding Albert.


Thank you so much for your listening and for all your patience and support, I'll be telling everyone about your service'

Helen & Harry

'Thank you for your brilliant support, Harry is feeding much better now and putting on weight'


My son recently had his tongue tie procedure with yourselves and it has been very successful thank you!

Nicola & Rhys August 2020

A massive thanks to Tara and Fiona for seeing us on Sunday morning and for sorting Joshua's tongue tie. Feeding this week has been much better - I'm not in pain anymore and he has put on almost 200g since the weekend! 

I really appreciate you seeing us so quickly.

Sarah & Joshua August 2020 

Really can’t Thankyou enough for your help this evening. I really appreciate you both talking to us and supporting us it’s been really hard as two new mummies and covid, not being able to to groups and get advice and support so Thankyou xx


Emily & baby June 2020

Thank you so much for seeing us during Covid. I can’t believe the difference, I couldn’t be happier.


Zara & baby June 2020

Thanks for staying open during Covid! I wouldn’t be able to have carried on feeding without your help and support.
Jess & Bride June 2020'Thank you for treating Raphael this morning. My husband said you were both brilliant. His tongue looks so much better and we’ve already seen an improvement. Really appreciate it.

Thanks again'

Michelle and David May 2020



'Fiona and Tara combined the right mix of friendliness and professionalism so that I felt totally at ease and confident that my baby was in safe hands.  They went the extra mile by answering my queries about feeding in the two weeks between procedure and review, no matter how trivial my questions were.  The procedure itself was efficiently performed and my baby was happily feeding minutes later.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Fiona and Tara.'



Sonia & Arlo- March 2018

'We would like to thank Fiona & Tara for seeing Penny so quickly. The tongue-tie procedure was extremely quick and the aftercare fantastic. We are so grateful Penny's tongue-tie was identified by Fiona. If her tongue-tie had not been treated I would no longer be breast-feeding. Penny is now gaining weight by successful breast-feeding. We can't thank you enough for the professional service provided and the successful outcome. 


Alice, Jordan & Penny - March 2018

'Thanks for seeing me so quickly and for all your tips and tricks with feeding. Louis is now so relaxed when I feed him and I really feel I know what he wants. He still has his daily bottle and it works well for all of us. I know where next time!'

Becky - February 2018

'Just wanted to say thanks and let you know how Florence is doing. Over the last 4 weeks she has gained so much weight, we are now no longer having to use formula and she is delighted with her new tongue! Thank you both for the ongoing support'

Beth - January 2018

‘Thank you both very very much for looking after Amber. She has been fine and has re learned how to latch on'


Gail and Umesh - November 2017

'Thanks for all your help and feeding tips with Alfie. He now feeds from his bottle, without getting stressed or spilling milk from the sides of his mouth. You listened when I was fobbed off by so many other people.


 Liz- November 2017

'I knew things weren't quite the same as feeding my other two boys. Thanks so much for your expert advice, I don't know what I'd have done without you guys'. Eoghan sends you a big cuddle too'

Kelly- November 2017

'You might remember that I went to see you in May for my baby's tongue tie and feeding problems. Brandon is now 5 months old and the breastfeeding is going really well. It took me until he was 6 weeks old to latch him without the nipple shields and then another 6 weeks to totally get rid of expressing and bottle feeding. He always wanted a bottle when he was younger especially before bedtime. Since 12 weeks we've been bottle free. Brandon is doing really well and is on 75th Centile weight wise. 

I just want to say thank you so much to you both for your help and support. I found it difficult to establish breastfeeding and without your help I wouldn't have succeeded. I am so so happy that I am still breastfeeding because the benefits for Brandon are priceless.


Wynter- October 2017

''Thank you for making me feel relaxed despite me being late. Thank you for being friendly and just nice. Thank you for helping my baby stick out his tongue!! Baby Ethan thanks you too xx Thanks for the confidence you have given me to keep doing what I am doing!'


Melissa- July 2017

"Thank you for your brilliant support, Harry is feeding much better now and putting on weight."


Helen- January 2017

"I would just like to say thank you to you both. Since the procedure he has been able to breastfeed and has gone from losing 10% of his body weight and  weighing 7lb 9 on Wednesday to 8lb 5 today. We have now been discharged from the midwife. Without your excellent service this would not be the same outcome."


Amy- January 2017

"I'd just like to say a huge thank you again for your help today. Tom is already feeding so much better and you were both so friendly and welcoming - really put us at ease. Thanks again and I'll highly recommend to all my friends."

Jenny - December 2016


"I  just wanted to say a very heartfelt thank you to you for treating my daughters tongue tie when she was just a few weeks old. She's now 9 months and happy to report we are still successfully exclusively breastfeeding. You were both so professional and reassuring and went above & beyond with the advice you gave. Thanks again and I'm keeping your number handy for if/when baby no.2 comes along, just in case!"


Lucy & Bea - September 2016

"Thank you for all the advice and help you gave me when I visited you with my twins. Since then, I have been exclusively breastfeeding them and enjoy the freedom it gives me in terms of being able to go out with them, especially as I also have a 3 year old. I want to thank you both for seeing us that day and for all the help and advice you gave me. Also, thanks for checking Ana as I feel it was a huge contributory factor in me being able to breastfeed them both exclusively."


Rukhsana, Ana & Zakariya ~ April 2016

"Since the appointment and the release of her tongue tie, Elsie has been feeding better and I am much more comfortable now. Thanks to you both."


Natalie & Elsie ~ March 2016

''Just to let you know, feeding is now completely pain free and Arthur is now well above his birth weight. I genuinely can't believe the difference it made even though my older son also had a tongue tie snipped. Thank you so much for seeing Arthur so quickly.''


Helen & Arthur ~ February 2016

'Thanks for helping us to feed for so long. Hannah is now over a year and still going strong! 

Ifeoma - February 2016

''Just to give you an update, since having her tongue tie sorted she is now feeding a lot better, the latch has improved and she seems a lot calmer when feeding so it was definitely a success! Thanks very much for your help and advice and also for seeing us so quickly.''


Diane & Francesca ~ December 2015

"Thanks for helping Phoebe, here's an update. Her weight is perfect and she is gaining every week. Feeding has become as normal as breathing now and the whole family is loving life."


Katie, Kev & Phoebe ~ August 2015

"They are both doing brilliantly. They are much, much better at breastfeeding, better latch and no longer get tired and fretful after a few minutes. I'd forgotten how fantastic it felt to give a baby a full breastfeed and entirely satisfy them without the constant reattaching, pain, fretting, falling asleep and waking up etc.  Thank you so very much for your advice, help and support''


Rhiannon & Twins ~ May 2015

"I just wanted to thank you and Tara for your help and advice, and let you know that she is enjoying her new tongue and is now able to latch well.

Thanks again, you really helped me hold onto my sanity in those first few days!"


Helen, James & Phoebe ~ January 2015

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